God’s Design for the Church – Blueprint 8

March 17, 2019

God’s Design for the Church – Blueprint 8

God’s Design for Elders – 1 Timothy 3:3-16


Weekly Question Format
 Identify and discuss what Paul’s message to Timothy is in this section of the letter
 Ask “how can we apply Paul’s message to Timothy and the church at Ephesus to our lives
 Ask “how can we pray for each other to help us apply what we are discovering? (This can be
done as an entire group together or in smaller groups of a couple people)

1. Agree/disagree: If you’re not serving, you’re too self-focused?
2. What is the difference between being a volunteer in the church versus being a servant? Why is
this distinction important?
3. What stands out to you in studying Jesus life as a servant?
4. Why are the requirements so high to be an official servant (deacon/deaconess) in the church?
5. How specifically do you struggle to be a servant 24×7 rather than treat it like checking off a box?
6. How can we promote a servant mentality at AHCC instead of a “serve-me” attitude?