ARK Park


In 2012, we converted the lot behind our church building into a playground and park called ARK Park. This park was named in honor of Alexandra Ramona Kimball, a child within our church community who had recently passed away. A special bench, in her honor, is located beneath a tree in the park. We installed an ark-like play structure with slides and a climbing wall, along with other playground toys. This park is for the neighborhood to enjoy, so bring your kids over and have fun.

On select days during the summer we have “Play Dates in the Park” for children in the neighborhood to come play games, make crafts, and have snacks. Church youth can frequently be found playing volleyball, soccer, or other games.

The park is available for special events. Contact the church office at 206-935-5714 for information.

ARK Park Upgrade! 

After 9 years of running, sliding, swinging and jumping, ARK Park is due for some repairs and upgrades! Over the next number of months, we’ll be doing the following:

  • Installing new slides
  • Installing new swings
  • Building a new fence and gate on 42nd St.
  • Adding a climbing structure
  • Adding ground cover to the upper area
  • Increasing signage
  • Adding a trashcan
  • Adding a bench
  • Replacing the picnic bench
  • Trimming trees
  • And if extra funds are available, we’d love to add additional play features like a climbing wall, library box, wave climbing toy and more!

As you would expect, all these repairs/enhancements come with a cost. Would you consider donating to help? You can give in two easy ways:

  • Mobile – Download the “Cash App” on your mobile device and give to Arbor Heights Community Church ($ArborHeights)
  • GoFundMe – Click here

Thank you for helping make ARK Park a beautiful place for fun, community and recreation!