AHCC Missions Week

ann grinnell photo

Ann needs no introduction to most of you. She has been a part of our AllianceNW family since the age of 16. Having spent her career in youth-focused ministry in Indonesia, she is now returning to the U.S. for her final home assignment before retiring in the fall of 2015.

Ann has been an integral part of developing the national church youth ministry across much of Indonesia. TEAM JOSHUA, a discipleship ministry for teens and college students started by Ann many years ago, continues in four cities in Papua, Indonesia, under national leadership. Over the past decade, her base of operation has been Samarinda, East Kalimantan (formerly Borneo). Her love and commitment to youth has resulted in teaching youth ministries in four Bible schools and providing leadership as the national coordinator of youth ministries for the mission.

Her latest Kingdom venture in her final term overseas, has resulted in the development of an online outreach ministry known as iSEC (internet SKYPE English conversation). This ministry connects young Indonesians with an American believer by SKYPE for one hour each week with two goals: to help them with their conversational English and to share the good news.

Ann is an eternal optimist who enthusiastically says, “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more wonderful, than seeing someone else’s life changed by the mighty power of Jesus.”