road-to-horizonAHCC Mission Statement

To receive and participate in the mission of Jesus to reconcile, heal and transform to the glory of God.

Our mission consists of both receiving Jesus work in our lives and joining Him as He seeks to reconcile people back to a relationship with God, heal their hearts and bodies and help them become all God desires. We are a community of “in-process” people who continually discover ways we fall short in our lives, yet pursue and follow a God who, by His grace, changes and transforms us from the inside out. Because of His unconditional love for us, in the midst of our failures and sin, we are passionate to participate with Jesus as He seeks to lavish His heart bending love on a lost world.

Core Values

Surrender – We value total surrender to the sovereignty of Jesus Christ for His work in us and through us
People – We share Jesus love for the lost, broken, disenfranchised and believers.
Relationships – We value healthy relationships that can be realized in community, family and marriage.
Authenticity – We value a community where people can be who they are
Communion – We value corporate prayer, worship, God’s Word, the sacraments and ministry in the church.
Unity – We long to be significantly connected to each other and the church.
Dependence – We readily acknowledge a full dependency on the Holy Spirit in our lives and for our ministries.