Barnabas Groups

A Barnabas group is a community of women in the same phase of life who meet one or two times a month.  These groups help create genuine spiritual growth and encourage women to develop deep authentic relationships in a short amount of time. A Barnabas group is not a bible study, not a home community, not Sunday school class and it’s not a scripted gathering. 

The time usually centers on a question given ahead of time. People participating in the group need to be willing to be authentic and vulnerable with their answers. Willingness to be open about the heart of who you are and discuss what your needs are emotionally, mentally and spiritually are a requirement. Typical questions that could be discussed are:

What challenges are keeping you from excelling at God’s work?

What is your greatest loss?

What’s been your greatest joy?

What is God working in you right now?

Honesty, scripture and prayer set the foundation of the discussion. Keeping confidences is a must.  Members will be held accountable for their confidence, avoiding gossip, and attending regularly.


We will come even when we don't feel like it. Only excuses are death and family vacations.

We will not try to fix each other. Our purpose is to listen and share each other's life with each other.

Our group is not counseling or therapy

We will only share own information—not someone else’s experience. Therefore we will use “I” statements when we share our story.

We will not share anything that hasn’t been said to that person (or already dealt with).

We will keep complete confidences. We will be confronted by leader if this does not happen. 

For More Information Please Contact:

John Lindow, Director of Small Groups