We believe connecting with others and life change happens best in small groups. Our small groups are communities of 4-12 people who meet regularly in a home over a set period of time. In a small group, you can find meaningful relationships and healing and growth in your journey with Jesus while being equipped to impact our world and serve those in need.  

Mission – To help people grow in Christ-likeness by living life out in authentic community.

Vision – To create diverse community groups, where through authentic community living, people are challenged towards Christ-likeness, loved unconditionally and equipped to be the church.

Core Values – Gospel-Centered, Authentic living, Transformation, Missional Living & Relationships.

  • Gospel-Centered: Our groups are centered around the fact that being a Christian is not ultimately about performance, behavior, morality or values but finding life in Jesus and using our lives to make an impact for Him. The gospel takes our focus away from following external standards and rules and places the emphasis on what Jesus has already done. Because of what he did for us, we have meaning, value, significance and purpose.
  • Authentic Living: Because our focus is not on following religious standards and rules, we live lives marked by transparency and openness. We don’t place hope in our good deeds, performance, human efforts and religious activities, but in Jesus, so we are free to reveal our hurts, sin, brokenness and pain.
  • Transformation: Being part of a small group is primarily not about gaining biblical information or learning, but personal transformation. In order for us grow into God's plan for our life, We need other people. Having other people deeply involved in our life is essential for true change and growth to occur.
  • Missional Living: This means that our small groups do not exist for themselves but for God and others. We focus on getting involved in other's lives outside our group and comfort zones by engaging them where they are at.
  • Relationships: We believe one of the key foundations of a healthy small group is deep, real and authentic relationships. We do not focus on a small group program, but on establishing meaningful relationships where people encounter God in each other.  
John Lindow, Director of Small Groups
Address:4113 SW 102nd Street
 Seattle, WA 98146