One of the core values of Arbor Heights Community Church is ministry to others. We understand the responsibility entrusted to us is the lives, marriages and families in our community. The heart and source of this ministry is Jesus Christ. We believe the church is commissioned to advance the ministry of Christ in this twenty-first century. We are cognizant of our postmodern world and its need and we seek to effectively minister to it in the love, compassion and power of Christ.
There are two prominent forms of Ministry at Arbor Heights Community Church:

First, is the operation of the personal ministries of every member of the church. Our desire is not just to go to church, but be the church. As such, we understand gathering times to be opportunities to minister as well as receive ministry. Very much like Apostle Paul taught in his first epistle to the Corinthians; we understand that every member of the Body of Christ is to function in the ministry of Christ to others. We believe this ministry to be both practical and spiritual in its expression.
Second, in that it incorporates intentional and designed program ministries that specifically target corporate and community needs. For instance, AHCC has throughout its history, provided a significant ministry to children. Presently, we provide a staffed and well coordinated ministry for children and youth in West Seattle. As well, AHCC has a strong ministry for men and women that continues to expand beyond the boundaries of this local church.
AHCC is a community of Christians on the journey of caring for others.