Why Membership?

At AHCC, we believe membership matters. Membership allows you:

  • To be part of a community where you can find encouragement, love, support, and truth.
  • To be held responsible to live a life of sacrifice and participation in God’s mission to the world.
  • To support the leadership of the church in their calling to equip and empower Christians.

As you think about making a decision to join AHCC, we offer 4 member classes that cover our mission, vision and core values, our approach to spiritual growth and ministry, key characteristics of our church community, and our church structure and government. You can listen to the first three classes online by clicking the audio files below. After completing the first three classes, the fourth is done in person with a group and church leaders.

There are three steps to becoming a member:

Faith in Christ
To be a member, you must have committed your life to Jesus Christ alone through faith in his death and resurrection. This does not mean there are not issues and struggles in your life; just that you have experienced salvation through Jesus and seeking to align your life with Him.

Assigned Homework
We require all prospective members to complete homework assignments for each class demonstrating understanding and commitment.

Final Class
Once a prospective member has completed the first three classes, they attend the fourth class in person. This is to complete the membership process as a group, meet the church leaders, and ask any questions about the classes or membership process. After this final class, church leaders explain the churches commitment to you as a member and your commitment to the church.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3