God’s Design for the Church – Blueprint 5

February 17, 2019

God’s Design for the Church – Blueprint 5

God’s Design for the Church – 1 Timothy 2:1-8



  1. Do you ever struggle with the exclusive nature of Jesus? How would you explain it to a non-Christian?
  2. Why do we look for satisfaction and contentment outside of Christ? What is it about Christ that makes Him the answer for our souls?
  3. Where do you tend to try and find this satisfaction or contentment outside Christ?
  4. Where as Christians do we fall into the trap of treating people with obedience leading to acceptance versus acceptance leading to obedience? (Example of Jesus with Zacchaeus). How might our tendency to do this reveal our own understanding of God?
  5. In what ways do we fail as Christians to be inclusive, as the Bible defines it, of people?
  6. How has God’s exclusive and inclusive love changed you?
  7. Take a minute as a group and pray and ask God “who do you long to save that I know that I’ve given up on?” What will you begin doing this week to join God in his inclusive plan?