Colossians – To The Center – Part 5

October 14, 2018

Colossians – To The Center – Part 5

Colossians – To The Center – Rules verses Relationship


  1. What are some of the rules the false teachers were advocating?

2 .Legalism was defined in the sermon in these two ways; treating certain standards or regulations which are kept by your own power in order to gain favor with God and the creation of certain codes of conduct that go beyond the teaching of the Bible and making conformity to these codes critical to being a “real Christian” or part of the group. What are some examples that you see today of Christians doing one of these two? Where do you find yourself giving in to these?

3. Why do you think we as Christians struggle so much with making our faith about rules and
outward behavior rather than Christ?

4. Of the five reasons rules won’t work given in the sermon (we are already full in Christ, they are
shifting sand, they are me on display, they look spiritual and don’t get to the heart of the
matter) which one sticks out to you the most and why?

5. What does it practically look like to make our lives about Christ and not rules or outward
behavior? In other words, how does a person do this?